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Welcome to The Monster 50
The UK's Top 50 Pet & Animal Blogs

This is our own ranking of the UK's top pet and animal blogs. It's designed to help you easily find great blogs and to showcase the UK's most popular, influential and engaging pet and animal blogs.

Every pet has their own personality. We know cats that hide their toys under the bed so you can't tidy them away. Dogs who will repeatedly pounce on their own reflection in a puddle. These endearing little quirks make us love them for who they are. There is never another pet quite like your own. The Monster 50 celebrates the experiences you share in your blogs and helps you shout them from the rooftops!

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Star No 01: Pigeon Blog >
Star No 02: Birding Frontiers >
Star No 03: PETA blog >
Star No 04: A Cat Called Freya, & Tee... >
Star No 05: Obay Shelties >
Star No 06: Punkbirder >
Star No 07: Round The Water Trough >
Star No 08: Horse & Hound Blog >
Star No 09: Animalblog >
Star No 10: Agility Dogs Fitness >
Star No 11: Chi (Obay Truly Focussed) >
Star No 12: Pet365 blog >
Star No 13: Harry Dog Blog >
Star No 14: Seapets Blog >
Star No 15: Ribble To Amazon >
Star No 16: Fish Tank Pet >
Star No 17: The Rabbit House >
Star No 18: Mike Watson's Diary >
Star No 19: Burgess Pet Care >
Star No 20: Dogs Trust >
Star No 21: The Wanderley Wagons >
Star No 22: >
Star No 23: Marc The Vet >
Star No 24: Peggy's Blog >
Star No 25: Animal Friends Blog >
Star No 26: Peter Wedderburn >
Star No 27: A Square Dogs Blog >
Star No 28: Play Fetch >
Star No 29: Ruffs Blog >
Star No 30: >
Star No 31: Kind Hearts >
Star No 32: Rabbit Welfare Associat… >
Star No 33: Pigeons as Pets! >
Star No 34: Those noisy dogs >
Star No 35: Catworld blog >
Star No 36: Grove Lodge Veterinary… >
Star No 37: Vetark Professional >
Star No 38: Horse Hero >
Star No 39: Petplan >
Star No 40: A Teen's Dressage Dream >
Star No 41: The Dog Blog >
Star No 42: The Pet Expert >
Star No 43: The Long Horse Ride Blog >
Star No 44: Horse & Rider >
Star No 45: Pets Blog >
Star No 46: Kane's Bird Ringing >
Star No 47: Disco Dogs Show Blog >
Star No 48: Three-Legged Cat >
Star No 49: Northampton Reptile Centre >
Star No 50: Hudson Doglets >


To rate and place the blogs, we have used an objective ranking system.

We analyse blogs based on their creativity, frequency, quality of writing, amount of comments and links.

We then make a human decision, taking into account all of these factors, to create our final list and ranking. Obviously, this list is going to adapt and change as it grows and more people share their content. We want this to be your list and to encourage new people to write warm, witty, interesting and insightful information about their pets. Then we want you to tell us about them!


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